Escort Seal

For over 30 years, Escort Seal's spirit embraced innovation, creation,quality, and advancement toward excellence. Since1983, we have expanded our product line, from simple products, to uniquely customized rubber-plastic and metal-bonded O-Ring products. Our mission is to provide high quality products for our customers' applications.

With a wide range of products, we continuously to improve our Manufacture Operations with e-Manufacturing Logistic Warehouse Management, a fully computer control warehouse. We continuously to improve our Quality Control with Investments into material research and development. We continuously produce a variety of quality products for every application.

Our most innovative time-saver is the online Automatic Quotation System (AQS). In seconds, customers can easily quote prices, order products,and track shipments,Anytime and anywhere online.

Escort Seal is the leader in sealing parts technology and we ship products worldwide. Our goal is to bring a conventional industry into the New Age with our technology, quality , efficiency and customer service .